ASC is managed by a proven Team of personal trainers and coaches. Our Team will partner with you to develop a plan that combines fitness, healthy living and instruction to help you achieve your goals. Our Team will focus on your physical development, your mental strength and your overall health and wellness – our Team will focus on YOU.
ASC also welcomes expert personal trainers who call our Complex their training home. If you are a personal trainer looking for a home gym, give us a call. We have competitive rates and flexible scheduling times.
Personal Trainer at ATL Sports Complex
Coach Jeff Mathis is the heart of ASC's athletic training program. As a Georgia native, he graduated from Georgia Tech as a Defensive Tackle with the Yellow Jackets and was recruited by the Arizona Cardinals. He later returned to his alma mater to design the strength and conditioning program for the entire athletic department. After a 9 year tenure, he went to Clark Atlanta University to become Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. With a motto of 'Go Hard or Go Home,' Coach Mathis provides his clients with all the tools and knowledge they need to become successful athletes and fit individuals.