Whether you want to lose weight, advance from walking to running, train for the Peachtree Road Race, a century Bike ride or simply increase your stamina – ASC can help you achieve your fitness goals.



This individual membership provides access to all that our 10,000 sq. ft. Complex offers including: state of the art cardio equipment; a full spectrum of weight machines; boxing ring and bags; indoor turf, MMA training mat and fence, and much more. This membership is ideal for someone is self-guided and motivated to take advantage of all of the cross-training opportunities available at ASC. At all times, qualified staff is available to assist with and answer any questions about our equipment and fitness routines.
Group Classes at ATL Sports Complex


If you are looking for a supportive, friendly, yet challenging workout environment our Group Classes are the perfect choice. Classes include:

Total Body Fitness - Focus is on fat burning utilizing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) methods, incorporating stints of short duration, high-intensity exercise intervals intermingled with periods of lower intensity intervals of active recovery. All classes will address cardio, lean muscle development and core.

Boxing Fitness – This is an excellent head to toe workout. Training will take place in and out of the ring, focusing on the fundamentals of boxing including shadow boxing, heavy bag and mitt work, jumping rope and foot speed. Other HIIT components are also included.

MMA/Self Defense – Includes comprehensive mixed martial arts training including kickboxing, Taekwondo, wrestling-style and self-defense techniques. Individual and group seminars are also offered.

All fitness levels are welcome. Tell our group class trainers about your fitness goals and if you have injuries or physical limitations. They will modify training instructions based on your individual needs.
Personal Training at ATL Sports Complex


We offer 1:1 sessions with professional fitness trainers, providing undivided attention and instruction needed to reach your athletics or fitness goals. Your program will include comprehensive assessment, progressive exercise techniques, and constant reinforcement of a healthy lifestyle.


Call us to get more information about reserving your personalized spot in one of our Elite Training Programs:

Collegiate - ASC is the place for college athletes to train during seasonal breaks and prepare for upcoming seasons. Specific Sport Group and Individual sessions wll be tailored to enhance physical skills and maximize performance. Contact us for more information about ASC’s Collegiate Training Program.

NFL Combine – The ASC NFL Combine Program is designed to maximize your final opportunity to improve your draft status. Our comprehensive approach includes Combine-mastering drills, athletic assessment, NFL-specific coaching and ASC Special Housing. Contact us for more information about ASC’s Combine Training Program.

Professional – ASC is dedicated to the unsurpassed physical and mental training of professional and semi-professional athletes. Through our specialized total body development and conditioning approach, the ASC Elite Athlete will be stronger, faster, more agile and mentally tougher than the average competitor. Contact us for more information about ASC’s Professional Training Program.


Adolescent obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years. ASC is committed to reversing this trend. Our programs will introduce youth to physical activity, healthy lifestyle habits, and positive image reinforcement.

Youth Boxing at ATL Sports Complex


The transformation we see in our young boxers over time is incredible! Boys and girls come to us with insecurities from being bullied, being overweight and unfit, or just socially shy trying to find their passion. Our students learn techniques including boxing fundamentals, shadowboxing, and ring work from trained professional boxers. Cardio elements are incorporated into workouts. Starting at age 6.


Young athletes are trained in speed, agility and strength techniques. Our cross training styles have been used for football, basketball, baseball, track, swimming and other sports. Youth strength work is age specific and safe. Stating at age 6.
Personal Training at ATL Sports Complex


We offer 1:1 sports and fitness training sessions with one of our top trainers or coaches. Youth will get the undivided attention and instruction needed to improve in sports, providing a customized training program that best fits the demands of a specific sport. Starting at age 12.


Includes comprehensive mixed martial arts training including kickboxing, Taekwondo, wrestling-style and self-defense techniques. Starting at age 6.