Member Spotlight: Mistie Butler


Mistie Butler doesn’t make excuses.

Butler started coming to the Atlanta Sports Complex after she was diagnosed with Devic’s Disease, a disease not unlike Multiple Sclerosis that targeted her nervous system and immune system.

She was just 20 when the disease started to take hold of her body, numbing her legs and making walking difficult.

The disease confined Butler to a wheelchair, and until this year she had not taken a step since 2013.

Several days a week, Butler will take a MARTA mobility bus to the Atlanta Sports Complex, where she is enthusiastically greeted by trainers and regulars, who are all in awe of Butler’s courage and determination to beat her symptoms.

Anyone who sees Butler hard at work in the gym knows that she doesn’t stop when things get difficult. Butler says her disease doesn’t keep her from doing the exercises and training she wants to do.

During her sessions at Atlanta Sports Complex, Butler goes through intense full-body training. Core work, cardio and lean muscle development are integral all parts of Butler’s hour-long routine. Each session she gets stronger, and more determined to beat the symptoms of Devic’s disease.

Because of her ferocity and ambition to walk again, Butler hopes that one day she will be able to live more independently and get out of her wheelchair for good.

"Training with A.M.P. FIT USA Lead Greatness Trainer, King Congo, at Atlanta Sports Complex has been such a "FIT FOR LIFE... NOT SHORT FOR FITNESS..." experience. I will walk again!"

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Whatever reason you have for coming to the Atlanta Sports Complex, whether you are a seasoned athlete or someone like Butler, a non-competitive athlete with a serious drive to achieve, you will find you are welcome.